Sponsors 2022

An event like Sausagefest can’t happen with a lot of help from a lot of people. Here are the people or groups that have donated to the 13th Annual Sausagefest for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

  • Doug and Jill Hartung
  • Rich Flynn (including a bonus donation that helped us reach our goal)
  • Paul and Karen Mast
  • A. David Pinilla
  • Kayne Newell
  • Tim Rank
  • Pat and Frank Thornton
  • Travis Rieck
  • Chuck Gilbert
  • Abby Mast
  • Matt Cushman
  • Melina Pinilla
  • Stan Connolly
  • Luke and Kim Meyer
  • Brandy Harty
  • Mitch Harden
  • Jeffrey Howe
  • Tony and Julie Mast
  • Chris Amelung and Sarah Horton
  • Doug and Shawn Mast

Donate today and add your name to this list of awesome people!