Sponsors 2017

An event like Sausage Fest can’t happen with a lot of help from a lot of people.  Here are the people or groups that have donated to the 8th Annual Sausage Fest for Breast Cancer Awareness.

  • Kayne Newell
  • Matt Cushman
  • Cynthia Fry
  • Rich Flynn
  • Paul and Karen Mast
  • Gary McDaniel
  • The Hour Bomb Podcast Crew
    • Jason Heath
    • Adrian Masters
    • Angie Masters
    • Jason Halbert
    • Esther Halbert
  • Ryan Wagner
  • Jeffrey Howe
  • Rob Hall
  • Tim Rank
  • Pat and Frank Thornton
  • Carolyn Brown
  • Darrell Flynn
  • David Pinilla
  • Tony and Julie Mast
  • Scott Wachter
  • Luke Meyer
  • Lena Damiano
  • Scott Saboff
  • Melina Pinilla
  • Donate today and add your name to this list of awesome people!


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